The Carrot In You

The latest little piece of erotica out is called The Carrot In You. It is, indeed, what the title suggests. Very licarrotinyousmallterally. The story follows the tale of young (ish) Dan, the scruffy and handsome, in his search for enlightenment at a retreat in India. All Dan was looking for a good fast, a detox and a fresh start for his life as a more spiritually aware person. What he finds instead is love and sex and sexy sexy carrot-shifters.

There’s steamy erotic sex and naked butts and exotic locations. And above all; a gay love story to span time and space.

The story is now available at Amazon, Apple, Kobo, 24Symbols, B&N, Page Foundry and Tolino

Next week: there will be dinos and werewolves and sexy MM action and sweet romancy-sort of things.

Any Way You Pump A Centaur 2: Pony Island

Jimmy the centaur is back!  And of course as is on par with Jimmy’s world view, things quickly get ncentaurponytextaked and sexy and some slight tomfoolery is involved.

Mike and Maria have been invited by the notorious(ly sexy) Jimmy to take a break from the bleak Canadian winter and come hang out on Pony Island, the official beach holiday destination for all creatures mythological and some not at all mythological who just like the vibe. There’s sun and fun and glitter and moose. Everything sex swingers from Canada would want for a weekend getaway, and a whole bunch of things you definitely wouldn’t want if you want to have an actual holiday. Things take more turns you can shake a stick at. And there’s of course sex.

Any Way You Pump A Centaur 2: Pony Island is available at Kobo, Apple, Page Foundry, 24 Symbols, Barnes&Noble, Tolino and Amazon Kindle

Poking At Their Pregnant Blonde

Finally after a good week (dear lord it’s been almost two now!) of computer issues, I finally hpreggers1ttextave unrestricted access to the internet… and my actual book files! It’s like thinking your house burnt down, but discovering it was only the roof and all your stuff is still mostly usable and you just need to get a new roof and you’re golden. The new roof being a computer and the house being my book files. So far very little corruption/smoke damage in the files so not much rewriting necessary, BUT a whole butt load of checking before I can even get to the editing part.

Things learnt from this debacle? Get two roofs. One of just in case the other catches fire. Or get two houses if you’re fancy.

Anyhow, that means these I can start editing stories now and linking to the books that were already submitted before this ole mess. This one, Poking At Their Pregnant Blonde is about a 30-something Jenna who is very pregnant and very broke. And dreaming of a good shag, cuz who doesn’t? Enter Dylan. Ha! It’s sort of a pun… because erotica…. erh. Yeah. ANYway, Dylan’s a handsome 25 year old with a secret. The two hit it off and there’s a twist that promises a Happily Ever After….

Poking At Their Pregnant Blonde is out on Kobo, Apple, Page Foundry, 24 symbols, Barnes & Noble, Tolino and Amazon Kindle

Newest erotica: Any Way You Pump A Centaur

centaurtextNewest release this time is all about the hot man-horse booty. Also a little about threesomes and hump-substitutes.

Maria is a tiny but plump hotel receptionist from London, UK. Mike is a pasty but rugged IT professional from Toronto, Canada. They share a passion for dogging and in general getting it on anywhere at any time with most anyone but especially with big, hairy guys.

Mike has been introducing Maria to the great outdoors of Canada by driving her on camping trips to various national parks. While on one such trip they almost literally run into a centaur. Because that’s the kind of a thing that can happen in Canada. You don’t know. And this is the point when things start to get weird.

Steamy sex and horse balls. That’s the short version. Get yours on Amazon for 99cents or free on Kindle Unlimited.

Newest erotica: The Yakuza Affair

Hey ho, the first releayakuzatextse is here! I’m going to be perfectly frank here. And you may call me Frank, though most people would use Sandy, but since we’re all very new here, I’m gonna go with whatever you feel comfortable with. I’m going be perfectly Frank and tell you up front that since this is my first foray into Kindle publishing, my material might be a wee bit all over the place as far as themes go. I feel that’s a fair thing to tell ya. Like, some things will remain constant with each publication cuz everyone writes about the kind of stuff that they can personally get their jollies to in some form, so mine has big, hulking men, strong men, men with long hair and big dicks and sometimes dick-ish character and sometimes they just turn into werewolves or mer-people. That sort of stuff. And I like to write my women smart and fun and ambiguous cuz nothing annoys me more in the smut that I read when everyone’s a frigging long legged Giselle Claudia Lima Moss. Who the f** can identify with that? I sure as heck can’t. So I steer away from making my heroines look like identical spindly fuck-muppets specifically and tend to leave it to the reader to fill in physical identifiers of the female protagonist as much as possible.

“So, Frank, what’s this book all about then?” You may ask.

Well my friend, I’ll tell ya. It’s about this poor little lady who’s been married to this clutz for 7 years and is now in her mid thirties (a time when women start really appreciating their own sexuality, doncha know). And my god is she stuck. Because the clutz is a good guy. Just totally clueless. And she’s just itching to get The Sex. Good Sex. So one day she’s at work and she has to do a presentation to some new clients and wouldn’t you know; one of them is a certified Japanese sex god. Like, honest to goodness the kinda guy you would jump right there if jumping people in the middle of corporate meetings was socially acceptable. And he seems to be into her too. Aaaaaand, he also has a dark secret. That’s what this newest story is about.

It’s a standalone story, but it’s a good 5ooo+ words of getting your freak on and admittedly I did get mine after writing it. It’s available now on Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited.

Let me know if there are things you’d love to read about or things your particularly liked or disliked about this one. Enjoy your reading!