Technical difficulties

I’m currently experiencing some technical issues with my old computer, so have very limited access to the internet. I’m trying to salvage my files from this failing computer and it’s proving a little tricky, so bear with me. Schedules are out the window right now.

Fingers crossed the books can be dug out so I don’t have to write them again from memory.

That’ll teach me to not back up work….

Teaser Tuesday: Poking At Their Pregnant Blonde


Crickets were chirping somewhere beyond the trash cans as I straightened myself up. The desert behind the bar seemed like it took over the entire world. It was just the bar, the highway, the Mikey D’s a mile from us and the trailer park. Then desert all around. Best place to be in case of a zombie apocalypse, I thought. Those fuckers would fry in the sun before they ever caught anyone. Zombie bacon.

The thought made me heave again. Ok, stop thinking about crispy fried zombies, woman.

Wonder how life would’ve turned out if I’d gotten that degree when I was still in my 20s?

My left hand kept rubbing my belly while I zoned out looking at the mountains rising up at the edge of the desert. Like the baby would know I was stroking its head. Would it be a boy or a girl? Would it have brown hair like its daddy or blonde like mine?

I turned to get back in and nearly tripped over Dylan. A cloud of sugarcane flushed through my head.

What the h…?” I pushed him back.

Sorry, just came back to see if you were ok.”

And you just been standing behind me staring and not saying a word? What the actual hell?”

I don’t… I didn’t. I wasn’t sure if I should say anything,“ Dylan sputtered. “Your ass.”

What about my ass?”

I think I forgot I was breathing looking at your ass.” he smirked a little.

Fucking hell, those puppy dog eyes.

You forgot to breathe staring at my ass. Ok. That’s new. Didn’t realize my ass had magical powers now,” I cocked my head and crossed my arms on top of my belly.

Everything about you might be a little magical. I dunno,” he rubbed his neck and glanced at me under his brow.


The ass, the belly, you.”

But especially the ass?”

He laughed and his blue eyes sparkled like pools in the night. Tiny little lines appeared around the corners of his eyes and turned a smiling face serious. I was spending way too much time absorbed in the details of his face. The way the roof light colored his baby stubble black and the skin under it in hues of pink. The same light made a halo out of his light hair. I was suddenly very aware of the night chill creeping into my arms and an excited tingle tugging at my pussy. The rest of me was steadily getting cold while my crotch seemed to radiate heat. Could he see that? Don’t be stupid, woman, of course he can’t! Then why was he looking at me like that?

I was starting to feel very naked in front of him.

Dylan took a step forward. I stood my ground defiantly. The smell of sugarcane and sweaty cotton filled the space between us like liquid. It made our moves slow and gentle.

Dylan reached out to me, one hand gently on my elbow, another cupping my face. His hands were warm. I felt like a porcelain doll while he was a real human with soft skin and muscles and textures that yielded.

Teaser Tuesday: Even more covers plus another thing


Yet another boring cover reveal, you say. Well, sort of. Only one cover this time: Any Way You Pump A Centaur 2! Pony Island is definitely not boring. The horse on the right? Admittedly there because I fell in love with the image and it’s now a plot bunny  (horse?) in some drunken horse-shifter shenanigans. Thank you, Nick Page, for the image.


So what’s the other thing? That, my lovelies, is a publishing schedule. A genuine, bonafide, 100% pure molehair publishing schedule! Which you can find on the front page on the bottom right hand corner. Since I’m frankly shit as clocking things, every new release is set for 5am, which I’m sure you understand, not a realistic time to be rolling things out as any sensible person is still only half way through their sleep cycle. Please ignore it. Don’t ignore the dates. The first two are set for this week: Poking At Their Pregnant Blonde on the 18th and Dracula & The Night Nurse on the 20th. I’m hitting publish the day before and keeping my fingers crossed it wont take Amazon and D2D longer than 24h to push my filthy babies through. Oh yeah, that’s the other thing…. I mean third thing…? Are we counting? Did anyone take notes because I’m on my third bottle of Merlot tonight and that’s about as much tracking as I can manage. AAAAAnyhow.. I’m not going to be exclusive to Amazon for these new titles. So even if you don’t have a Kindle, you’ll be able to explore all my smutty smut to your heart’s content on what ever kind of eBook reader you have. I thought that was a pretty spiffy thing and have been patting myself on the back for it. It’s all coming together so beautifully!

Teaser Tuesday: new covers


This week’s teaser is another cover reveal. One for Dracula & The Night Nurse, a first in a series of shorts about the erotic misadventures of Dracula and a redone cover for Any Way You Pump A Centaur, so you wont get confused. This one has a jimmy that looks much more like the Jimmy I always imagined him to be.