Story update: centaurs

Goodness gracious. It has been a week. It surely has. You know you’re on to something good when it’s your actual job to rummage through vintage photographs of Ye Old Timey strongmen. What a time to be alive!

Yes, I did indeed need some strongman reference. Not that current onespromopic2 wouldn’t do but I feel that current strongmen and the way our photography depicts them just doesn’t quite have the same pizzas (is that a word… or was it pizazz? Anyway, there are a bunch of zees in there) as the strongmen of Yore did, with their spectacular mustaches and calcetines for days. Impeccable. A girl has to get her inspiration from somewhere, even if the end result will look absolutely nothing like the picture. And since the current picture looks like the one on the right, let’s just hope it doesn’t.

The new story of a man and a woman and a centaur (+something extra) and deep, burning passion at Beaver Falls in Canada will be out at the beginning of next week and by the looks of it, next week will be a busy one, so stay tuned!

Oh and the previous story is still very much live on Kindle (and free on Kindle Unlimited). I’m also putting together a newsletter as soon as this hangover clears enough for me to sit upright.

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